Waterplantenkwekerij R.Moerings B.V.

Your partner in water plants


Our customers value the way in which we get involved and tell us this is what makes us different to others. We place ourselves in the shoes of our customers, each and every day, and immediately respond to their requirements. We know better than anyone that product presentation determines the success of your sales.

Sophisticated presentation

For our aquatic plants, this translates not just into perfect plant quality, but also into the way in which we package and label them. We ensure the provision of a complete package that appeals directly to the consumer. That is why we help our customers with the best possible presentation of our aquatic plants by using display tables.
If you need help, or have a good idea about product presentation, please let us know. We would be happy to pay you a visit.

“The people at Moerings always understand exactly what we are trying to do.”

Better plants thanks to better processes

Through continuous investment and innovation in our glasshouses and our cultivation process, we can supply the strongest, most attractive, top quality aquatic plants. Thanks to our processes and our care, our plants have strong roots, colourful leaves and produce more flowers. Are you curious to find out more about how we work? Contact us to arrange a visit to our glasshouses.

Easy ordering

To make things even simpler for our customers, we make sure that the order process is designed to fit in perfectly with that of our customers. We are constantly seeking the best methods for you, because the easier it is for you, the better.
Are you curious as to how we can best adjust our processes to suit you? Tell us what you would like and we will do whatever we can for you.

MPS-GAP Certificate

The MPS-GAP Certificate is an important seal of approval for you as a retail customer. Through this annual audit we demonstrate that we meet the requirements for traceability, environment, safety and hygiene, focussing on people, the environment and quality. The MPS-GAP Certificate is part of MPS-Florimark Production, the top label for sustainability. Read more about MPS-GAP.